Getting Started.....
Winter Hat Girl

Le Chat

I am so pleased with how this came out!  Here are the details: 

  • Pattern: JBW Designs Le Chat- French Country cat 
  • Thread: Gentle Arts Sampler Threads in Blue Jay 
  • Fabric: navy and cream check 

This was a bit of an expirement for me as I had never finished any cross stitch piece before!  I found it much easier than I had thought.  I measured the finished piece so that it would be centered in the pillow, and then figured out how much fabric I needed on all of the sides based on the size of the pillow form I purchased.  The pillow form was 11in. x 11in.  I then made a piece in the back so that the form could be slipped into it.  I feel that the buttons really make a difference on the finished pillow, and add a nice touch.  I couldn't believe how easy it was to make the fabric covered buttons!  It was a little bit of trial and error with the amount of fabric that I needed, but once I got the hang of it, they really look nice. Blue_cat

I tend to imagine things in my mind as being very complicated to do when I have not done it before, and then become hesitatnt to even try.  I am glad that I persisted with this because it is something that was definitely within my skill level, and a project that I would like to do again.  I gave this to a very close family friend who recently lost her kitty, and it was well received. 


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