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Flip Flops

This pattern is called Flip Flops, and is part of the Jelly Miniblock series by Hinzeit.  It was a quick stitch, but I had some trouble finding the frame that matched it, produced by Kay's Frames.  After some searching, I found that it was available at a store in Michigan called Stitches 'n Things, where the store owner Deb was extremely helpful in finding the correct colors to go with the pattern.  

 One of the things I love about stitching for another person is that you often find yourself becoming even more connected to the person than you were before.  I made this design for my Godmother.  She is like a second mother to me, and my Mom's bestest, bestest friend.  She has had a roller coaster year, where she has had happy things to look forward to (her daughter's wedding) and sad events (her mother passing away).  I could see all year how much stress that she was under, and especially that there was nothing I could do about it to help.  I gave this to her recently after all of these things have happened, hoping that by giving it to her she would know how much she means to me.  She loves wearing flip flops, and is a real beach person, so when I saw this design I immediately knew that it was for her!




Congratulations, well done! I'm sure she will love it.


Thanks so much! I can't wait to look at your blog some more- I also have a "stitching partner"! :)

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