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French Toast Alert

Xmas BagsFRENCH TOAST ALERT- go to the market to buy milk, eggs, and bread because it is snowing!  It is a joke here in snowy climates, that when there is snowfall in the forcast to run to the store for a French toast alert to buy milk, eggs, and bread.  It is funny.  The forcast is for around 8-12 inches of snowflakes.  I had two errands to run today: bank and post office.  There was an energy in the air as people are trying to run around to get everything in before it started snowing.  There was a long line at the bank, and at the post office the line was out the door with people mailing holiday cards and sending packages.  There is a thrill of beating the snow.  You can smell the snow in the air, and often there are a few flakes flying giving you a taste for what is coming.  There certainly is a magical quality about it, especially during the holiday season. I made it home in time after having lunch with my cousin, when we saw the snow coming down heavily, we kind of rushed out the door.  Time to cozy up with some stitching and make some gingerbread.  I love snow days.  If you don't live in a snowy climate, I hope that you have days with perfect excuses for staying indoors for some quiet time. 

Always, ~Jaime 

Project Details: 

  • Kit from Scandinavian Stitches
  • Thread- Danish Flower Thread
  • Design from Christiane Dahlbeck book Wintertraume



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