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Delilah_in_boxI often jump into things face first.  I am at times very impatient and impulsive, and want what I want NOW!  Like for instance, with stitching, I want to be able to work certain styles of stitches, or certain types of stitches immediately.  I can be impatient with wanting a project to be finished, or with the finishing process itself. Stitching has definitely shown me that immediate gratification is not the way things work, that I may have to pull out a fether stitch three times before it looks like an exquisite little leaf, that using one strand to complete a satin stitch takes a long time, and that the more colors in a cross-stitch pattern there are the more patience I need to have.  The patience and perseverence being a sticher has taught me is invaluable, and something for which I am extremely grateful.  I am learning that it sometimes is a good thing to not always get it right the first time, that the slower I go the better things turn out, and most importantly that good things come to those who wait. 

This past weekend was the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend.  I used my time to make progress on several projects, and also to organize my stitching goals for the upcoming year. On Saturday, I went to a shop that I have never been to and bought lots of supplies I need.  I am happy to report that 3 out of 6 projects are finished from the previous IHSW.  One is almost finished.  I will report on them throughout the week, and also about my 2014 stitching plans.  I am looking forward to finding out what other stitchers are going to be up to in 2014. 

Always, ~Jaime 




Congrats on finishes, can we see pictures?


Oh, you're such a tease, Jaime! Mention of finishes and no piccies?? ;)


I promise to put some up this coming week- pinky swear promise!! :)


I hadn't thought of that, but yes, you're right - stitching is helping making me more patient

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