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Here is another January-inspired stitch.  I love stitching things for the months, especially these small pieces.  They seem to stitch up quickly.  This is a Rouge du Rhin kit.  Many of the embroidery stitches I hadn't attempted before, so it has been a good learning experience.  I will say that this kit is very unforgiving if you make a mistake!  I used the wrong color green on the leaves, and there was no extra to take it out and re-stitch it.  I think that it will be okay, and that I will have enough to finish it!  I will have to pay extra careful attention on the next one.  Any finishing ideas?  I was thinking of maybe a little ornament.... Jan3

Kindly, ~Jaime


Eugenia Maru

Hermoso bordado. Y lindo blog. Felicidades.
Saludos desde Chile


oh it's lovely! i like to make little lavender sachet from small stitcheries


Yes, lavender is my favorite scent also- thank you for the idea!


Gracias- love your blog!

Deborah Weber

How lovely! I'm always particular fond of hearts and flowers. The idea of turning it into a lavender sachet is inspired - or perhaps filled with rose petals, another of my favorites.

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