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StashHow many times have we innocently visited our favorite needlework shop, to buy "just one thing"? A skein of floss/thread, a piece of linen, etc?  It started off that simply for me today.  I had run out of a certain color that came as part of a kit that I had purchased.  I had actually made a mistake and had run out of the alloted floss amount.  I also had a small pattern that I ordered over a month ago that I hadn't picked up yet.  The shop is new to me, and today was only my second time visiting it. The shop that was closest to me had closed due to the owner retiring.  I found another shop that is about an hour away from me, so it is not easy for me to visit often.  It is a wonderful store, with a very nice owner who does beautiful finishing and framing, called Creative Picture Framing and Creative Stitching.  When I entered the store, my eyes immediately went to a basket of patterns that was 75% off!  Also, there was a rack and another basket that was 50% discounted!  I couldn't believe my luck, so what was supposed to be a quick trip, ended up being a 2 hour shopping spree.  Best of all, I can't wait to see what new products are going to be at the shop after the sale. Kitty_approval(Delilah approves- sorry couldn't resist- it is so hard to take photographs without her in them!!)  


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