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July 2014

autumn chai

I love chai tea- so spicy, and earthy, and with cinnamon on top is even beter. :)  My husband makes me chai tea alot, complete with steamed milk:  Chai

Chai reminds me of the season changing to autumn, and I always think of my husband when I think of autumn.  He loves the autumn weather where we live and when the leaves change.  Often, we will be riding on someone random highway, and my husband will say "can you imagine what this looks like in the fall?".  I can almost anticipate him saying this because now he has me thinking the same thing!  Being a teacher I think is another reason he often has this time of year on the brain.  I loved stitching this because I couldn't help but think of this time of year and how pretty it is.  The alphabet also reminds me of going back to school!   Abc_autumn_finish

Christmas in July

It felt good to work on a Christmas stitchery project.  This was fun, and is the final little alphabet sesasons sampler I am doing from Lizzie Kate.  The green color is Weeks Dye Works "scuppermong", and I absolutley love the color.  It reminds me of the inside of a lime.  I do like working on Christmas stitching around Christmas time the best- I haven't made any stitched gifts in the past, so I will have to get in the mind set of working on them before Christmas.  It is just hard for me to do in July!  I do have ideas for Christmas ornaments, and will probably be doing 4 of them, but I do have lots of time!  For now, I will keep enjoying summer stitching! always, ~Jaime 

International Hermit and Stitch Weekend- July 2014

I am so excited that the event is being held this weekend!  And, I have scheduled stitching time already set up.  I am taking a crewel embroidery class on a sheep farm on Saturday, which should be really fun and informative.  I had heard about this maybe a month ago.  Then, a strange course of events led me to a taking a class on Sunday.  I was in a quilt shop, just poking around. I like to look at the fabric. :)  I was asking about the Row by Row Experience taking place at quilting shops as this particular shop was participating. (Of course I bought the kits this shop was offereing!)  Through the course of our conversation, I was then told about another quilt shop close by. Now, I wouldn't miss the chance to scope out another shop, so decided that I would today.  I figured out that the shop was on my way home from work.  As soon as I walked into the store, I noticed an absolutely beautiful wall hanging on display, with a class listing.  I happened to ask, and there was one more opening in the workshop!  So, I am definitely going to have a fun International Hermit and Stitch Weekend!  I wanted to share a crewel embroidery project I am working on as part of a class I am taking online: 


It took a long time to transfer the pattern because I have a very teeny tiny light box!  I should buy a larger one, but my parents gave it to me for my birthday a long time ago! I had to resort to using a Sharpie for the tracing, because the fabric is so bright- I felt awful doing that, but the teacher in the class said we might have to!  I did start some of the stem stitching.... Crewel_close_up

And then this is what I will be working on this coming Sunday:   Fairyland_kit

I hope that everyone has a fun stitching weekend!  When I think of summers, I always think of stitching projects.  When I was younger, we would go to a summer house near the beach, which was/is my favorite place.  I remember even as a teenager sitting in the backyard working on stitching projects, usually an enbroidered kit of some sort, or a stamped cross-stitch.  I am sure that this weekend will be a happy memory as well.  I can't wait to read what everyone worked on, and hope to have some progress to share of my own! Always, ~Jaime