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The last few weeks I haven't posted much because I have been working on several projects I have been trying to get finished. Barnwoodbuttons3  One is Barnwood Buttons.  I fell in love with this pattern when I saw it finished in a beautiful frame in a needlework shop this past spring.  It was a bit expensive because of the buttons, but I have the perfect spot for it in my living room.  I had a bit of a deadline finishing it because I wanted to have it hanging up before some company that was coming later in the month.  I have had such a terrible time with this project.  It is really difficult for me.  The linen is 32 count, and very, very hard to see because the fabric is so dark.  It took a few times of stitching and then taking it out to really get going on it.  I really couldn't see the squares.  Once I passed that hurdle, I felt really good about it.  I was told by the shop owner who had completed the piece to go in rows- finish the row at the bottom, then the little tree motifs, and then the back stitching, and then try the lettering.  As you can see, that is what I attempted to do, until I reached that 'h', Barnwood_buttons1and I found a mistake. That was about three weeks ago.  I have started and restarted that row a total of six times up until last night.  It is hard to see what the mistake is until you have gone a little ways in the pattern, and then I have found that I am a thread off, which affects the whole piece.  Back to last night, I thought I was off to a good pace, when again last night, I saw that I was off by a single square.  I couldn't believe it.  I was blissfully admiring how far I had gotten when I saw it.  I almost broke down into tears of frustration.  I just couldn't believe it.  From the 'h' all the way to the end, again has a mistake that needs to be pulled out.  I just can't take this project anymore.  Part of me doesn't want to give up because I am very stubborn, and I want desparetly to finish it.  I don't like having unfinished projects.  Also, I am really in love with the way it looks finished, and it really would look wonderful hanging in our living room.  I am just not sure what to do- try to regain my composure, take it apart, and start again? Take a break and go back to it?  Throw it away?  In starting over, it may be better for me to follow the pattern in a different way.  The pattern is in 5 sections.  I might be better off just doing a section at a time. I got so far with it, I can't even express how upset I was to be off by so little!  I decided to put the project aside, to gain some perspective, and thought I would stich a few letters on this miniature sampler that I started, which is 40 count, one over one. It is a kit from France using silk threads.  I started stitching away, and then started to think that I wouldn't have enough room for the letter 'k'.   Looking at it I saw the mistake- Can you?   40count1I had started stitching in the middle, and went to the right, and then up to the top row.  When I first started, I apparently had neglected the 'V', and then everything after was off.  Well after the other mistake, and then this one, I was about to have a really unfavorable temper tantrum.  Today I bought a pair of scissors with very small blades, and micro-sized tweezers- time to start fixing some mistakes......... Fixing_things1Thanks so much for reading about these problems I've been having.  Venting on this blog, has been very energizing, and has helped me look forward to continuing with these. Always, ~Jaime