31 days of finishes (#6)
31 days of finishes (#8)

31 days of finishes (#7)

Well, it has been one week of finishes!  On a personal note, I am also doing these postings as a sort of challenge to myself to be consistently posting.  I realized one day how many things that were finished which I could share on this blog.  Another challenge I have been working on is finishing.  I discovered through blogs that there were other options for finishing besides just framing.  I also discovered a lot more about cross-stitch and embroidery in general, which I will share about at another time.  

To improve my finishing skills, I decided that I would definitely need to learn to use a sewing machine.  I had little experience with this.  To begin, I purchased several charms packs of Kaffe Fassett fabrics, and began to sew them together in order to gain practice with sewing a straight line, measuring, and pinning.  This quilt is one of the practice pieces.  I brought it to a quilt shop to be quilted and to have the binding placed.  On the train quilt I wrote about the other day, I was able to do these portions, so I am pleased with my progress.  I took a sewing class where we learned to make a slip cover for a pillow form, so that is where the pillows came from.  

I hope that everyone can see the quilt.  I must have taken this photo half a dozen times with this kitty trying to pull a "photo bomb".  :) ~Jaime 


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