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January 2015 Smalls SAL Check-in









     Here is my small for the first month!  I finished it into a tiny scissors fob, with a braid I made using the leftover floss.  One side is my first initial (it is a little hard to see!)  I really enjoyed stitching this, and love the colors for this wintery January day.  Can't wait to see the small pieces others are stitching.

Always, ~Jaime

getting ready

There has been a blizzard here that started last night, and lasted until this afternoon, and it is still snowing!  Today was a snow day, and I have another tomorrow!  One of my challenges for this year is to work on a crazy quilt, so I decided to get everything ready tonight so that I can spend tomorrow working on it right away tomorrow.  It feels good to have some projects around the house finish so I can now do something fun.  I am sure I'll be ready to go back to work on Thursday, but it is blistering cold here, so I don't think I am too excited about going outside! Always, ~Jaime  Cq1


2015 Grow Your Blog Party!


Thank you for visiting my blog, I am pleased to be participating again in this year's "Grow Your Blog" party!  My name is Jaime, and my interests are embroidery and cross-stitch.  I do some sewing, and even finished a quilt this past year, but I have been learning some new things in these areas as a way to finish needlework.  I am looking forward to reading everyone's blog who is participating in the party. 

Always, ~Jaime 

Stitcher's Wallet



This was one of my favorite projects that I have ever worked on.  It is also a big first for me in terms of finishing.  I made a little mistake, but I was told that this is a "design choice"!  I just love the colors, and hearts are my favorite!  I am trying to think of where to display it.  Thank you for reading- I am so excited to share this with you!

Always, ~Jaime


My first finish of 2015!  I really liked this project.  I did change the fabric and the thread.  I apologize, I don't know what the name of the fabric is, but it is a pale lavender in 28 count.  The thread I used was Crescent Colours Plum Paisley.  Now I just need to put the charms on!  I hope to see other's first finishes of 2015!  Always, ~Jaime

WIPocolypse- January 2015


I am excited to be participating in the 2015 WIPocolypse for the first time!  My name is Jaime.  I love embroidery and cross-stitch.  I am trying to learn to sew a bit, and have finished one quilt as a way to learn how to compelte my own finishing.  I am looking forward to stitching this year as well as becoming more active with my blog.  My projects that I would like to work on for this year are:  Crazyquilt1








Lizzie Kate "Things Unseen" Mystery Sampler

Pincusions of Merit Series by Blackbird Designs 

EGA Schwalm Embroidery course 

Anne of Green Gables project 

Ladies Prim Society Kits (2014) 

Zen Rabbit Purse

Start crazy quilt 

Now I have to keep reminding myself of this list!  I look forward to reading what others are working on.  Happy stitching to everyone for 2015!

Always, ~Jaime 

Happy New Year!

JanuaryThe week between Christmas and New Year's Day feels so strange.  Work isn't that busy, people aren't there.  There is so much craziness in my mind leading up to the holiday- and then it is just over.  Over until next year.  I found that this year I was more organized as usual.  Not very organized, but I didn't seem to be going too crazy.  I managed to stitch three ornaments, and I made 5 quilted potholders during December.  It feels strange to post them now since the holiday is over, but I will in 11 months!  I hope I can finish a lot of projects this year.  That is my only resolution if you call it.  I have made some kits for myself with different patterns that I have purchased.  I will definitely show them here!  I have even started writing down my posts in my planner. Calendar I spent a good portion of the day working on my planner, as I tend to do every January 1st, it helps me feel ready to start the new year. I wish everyone a happy, and most importantly healthy 2015 full of beautiful stitching projects!  Always, ~Jaime 

P.S. This is a Lizzie Kate stitch, using the threads called for.