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a shopping trip

Recently, I attended a workshop for my job that was in New York City.  I was worried that perhaps I wouldn't be able to make it back to Penn Station for the train ride home (about a three hour ride), so I had a long wait between the time the workshop ended and my train departed.  So like, any good stitcher, I found a place to go shopping to kill the time!  During the lunch break, I checked to see if Purl SoHo happened  to be close by.  Sure enough it was just two subway trains away!  I hesitated a second about the subway because I didn't want to get twisted around, but I am a Boston girl through and through, and lived on an L train line in Chicago, so I figured I could handle it!  Plus I like subways!  The store was quite nice, and everyone was very helpful.  I think that it was more of a knitting store, but their website does have embroidery supplies.  I did manage to come home with a few things, and had to resist a few things also. :)  The book is in Japanese, and has some really interesting designs in it that I would like to try.
 It would have been easy to get carried away shopping as I was by myself.  I did bring home a present for my husband- a box of coffee pods for his Nespresso machine, which can be difficult to find, but I happened to walk by an entire Nespresso store on my way from the subway to Purl Soho.  The trip was meant to be! Always, ~Jaime 


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