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February 2015

February Smalls SAL

Here is my completed small stitch for February.  It is by Shepherd's Bush.  This my first time stitching a pattern by this designer.  It was perfect for a small stitch.  As I was taking pictures for this, I was trying to think if I would like to gift this and who I would give it to.  For some reason, my Auntie Nee just stuck in my mind as someone to give it to.  She is much younger than my Mom, who is her sister, so I am closer in age to her than my Mom is.  I keep thinking of her now when I look at it, so she will be the recipient!  I am looking forward to seeing others' finishes! Always, ~Jaime 

Valentine's Day Stitching


V3 V4






I love Valentine's Day- it is my favorite day! Ever since I was a little girl, I have liked handing out Valentines.  I have a few Valentine's Day stitching in my stash.  I have finished stitching one of these two nights ago, and am now working on the finishing!  I was hoping to have it finished by Valentine's Day, but will have to show it to you in a few days!  Happy Valentine's Day! Always, ~Jaime 

a shopping trip

Recently, I attended a workshop for my job that was in New York City.  I was worried that perhaps I wouldn't be able to make it back to Penn Station for the train ride home (about a three hour ride), so I had a long wait between the time the workshop ended and my train departed.  So like, any good stitcher, I found a place to go shopping to kill the time!  During the lunch break, I checked to see if Purl SoHo happened  to be close by.  Sure enough it was just two subway trains away!  I hesitated a second about the subway because I didn't want to get twisted around, but I am a Boston girl through and through, and lived on an L train line in Chicago, so I figured I could handle it!  Plus I like subways!  The store was quite nice, and everyone was very helpful.  I think that it was more of a knitting store, but their website does have embroidery supplies.  I did manage to come home with a few things, and had to resist a few things also. :)  The book is in Japanese, and has some really interesting designs in it that I would like to try.
 It would have been easy to get carried away shopping as I was by myself.  I did bring home a present for my husband- a box of coffee pods for his Nespresso machine, which can be difficult to find, but I happened to walk by an entire Nespresso store on my way from the subway to Purl Soho.  The trip was meant to be! Always, ~Jaime 

February around here

SnowThis is a Lizzie Kate stitch that I recently had framed.  I am almost finished with all of the months, so I hope to remember to post a picture the beginning of the month of the ones that are finished and framed. :)  I like the first of the month, it seems like you can start fresh.  We had a blizzard last week with around 27 inches of snow, and tomorrow another 10-14 is in the forecast.  Hello February! Always, ~Jaime