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July 2020

Project Bags


These vinyl project bags have been so much fun to do!  I have really admired them when I have seen them, but have been a little scared to sew using vinyl.   There are some great tutorials online to help you.  I found the one at Fat Quarter Shop on Youtube helpful, but I don't know if I'd recommend that particular one if you are new to sewing.  It is a great video, but assumes there are certain things you already know or are skilled at.  The video leaves off what you need to do for the binding, which I felt was the most challenging part, especially the mitered corners!  However, this is not the only type of project bag out there.  Many are done without vinyl, quilting, etc.  These particular bags are quilted on the back piece with a vinyl front, and then also the binding on the edges.  I liked doing my project bags with these features because I think that it created a nice, tailored-looking finish.  I think my biggest tip for making them is to sew slowly!  I tend to set my machine's speed between slow and medium, which was just right for this.  I made mine a little smaller, so the measurements are 15 x 16 finished.  Perfect for linen, threads, and a pattern book.  I've finished the quilting on three more bags, and am excited to finish them.  

fabric- from stash  I know that some is Tula pink, others I'm not sure who the designer is 

thread- For sewing these, I use Aurifil thread. 

Small Token

I love the colors in this Reward of Merit pinkeep by Blackbird Designs.  Pink is my favorite color, and I loved the green that was used in the stem of the flower.  I decided to showcase the green in my fabric choice for finishing, and I am so pleased that I did.  The fabric is actually a new acquisition from a quilt that I finished.  I had a light pink trim in my stash that I think compliments it well.  I am really, really happy with how it turned out. 

linen: unknown 

thread: called for 

pattern: 'Small Token' by Blackbird Designs 

fabric: from stash