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September 2020

Peace Rose

This piece has been in my finishing box for a long time.  In fact, I remember stitching it after the bombings in Paris- so it was quite a long time ago.  I love Paris.  I have only been once, for our honeymoon, but it was magical, and even six years later I can remember every detail of the trip. 

This design by Blackbird Designs is another Reward of Merit pinkeep pattern.  I think it is just so beautiful with its soft delicate color palette.  I used the called for colors, and stitched on a piece of linen that I believe was either 36 or 40 count.  

For the finishing, I didn't want to take away from the delicateness from the piece itself, so I used a very simple fabric pattern that picked up the blue thread.  I had some gorgeous antique lace, and tried to figure out how to incorporate it.  Instead of using it as a trim around the outside of the pillow, I took a chance and top- stitched it around the cross-stitch itself.  I'm really pleased with the effect.  It reminds me of heirloom sewing.  

Suffrage Sampler, post 2

The Suffrage Sampler has been framed!  I love how it came out, and am so pleased that the framer was able to lace the back, as opposed to using pins.  The advantage to lacing a needlework piece is that it protects it from any damage, and ensures that it stays in place in the frame.  If the needlework piece has been laced, and then later you would like to change the frame or do something with the piece, it is easy enough to undo the lacing, and then iron out any holes or distortions in the fabric.  I have never taken anything out of the frame after being laced, but that is what I am told!  

I have played around with a graphic design software, and made a little "fancier" version of the free pattern.  I'm happy with the way that it came out, and seems much more professional!  

The PDF in its new format is available for download here: 


I also ventured out and made a Flosstube video: 

Flosstube #1