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December 2020


Its been a bit of time since my last post!  I've been busy mostly working on sewing projects.  I'm taking a class, called Construction 1 at the Boston School of Fashion Design.  It is a wonderful class, and I'm learning a lot.  I definitely feel more confident in my sewing skills since taking the class.  What has been difficult is keeping up because it is quite a lot of work.  I did manage to sew up this jacket with my Saturday Sewing Studio Time.  The fabric was 'giveaway' fabric that was free! At the sewing studio there is fabric that is left "under the table" that people are passing on from their stash.  We jokingly call it "under the table" fabric.  This was a large piece of tapestry fabric that has a really pretty front and back.  The pattern is from the Sewing Workshop, called Tremont.  In the next coming weeks I'm going to be sharing more of what I have been working on in my next few weeks of posts.  Stay tuned!