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February 2021

a little snow

A little snow close upHere is "a little snow" by Lizzie Kate.  I believe that I have the entire series, which came with the required linen and a charm, all kitted up.  I have so many projects I loose track!  Previously, I had this in a frame, but I didn't care for how it looked.  I do love the fabric that was used for the finishing, and the colors all coordinate really well.  I am going to make the rest of the series in the same shaped pillow.  I cut-out some wool snowflakes for a finishing touch.  I love the look of this finish!  I put the pillow on display in this tobacco basket.  I sometimes have a tiered tray, and sometimes this basket on my kitchen table.  All threads are the called-for in the chart instructions.  

A little snow 2

Snowflake Ornaments

This was such a fun project!  I completed four of the snowflakes, there are five in the kit.  I wanted to use the blue thread for the last one, and I didn't have enough, so I will save it for next year.  This sparkly Japanese embroidery thread is so beautiful!  The tree that they are hung on is a tree that I use for autumn, holiday, and for winter decor- the style of it transitions nicely between the seasons, and I display it in different area of my home each time.  I originally purchased it at Pier One one year with the autumn decorations.  

Included in this kit was the wool for the snowflakes.  I attached the snowflakes using heat n' bond.  I used different types of embroidery stitches on each one, but really love the delicacy of the feather stitch, one of my favorite stitches.  I found myself trying to think of different stitching ideas since I was so tempted to use the feather stitch each time!  To hang the ornaments, I braided some perle cotton thread that I had with one strand of the shimmery thread.  The braiding did take quite a bit of time, but I really liked the delicate results.  They are perfect to hang on my winter woodland tree!

Snowflake_2 (1) Snowflake_ornament_tree