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A wedding announcement

On Sunday, my husband and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary.  We eloped in Quebec City with four guests at our wedding.  A very small wedding isn't for everyone, but it is exactly what we wanted.  We were married in the oldest church in North America and had our reception dinner at the Hotel Frontenac (we also stayed their five nights prior), a famous Fairmont Hotel.  We were married at 3:00 on a Friday, and the next morning we left for a two week honeymoon in Paris.   It was the most magical and wonderful time of my life. 

I decided to send wedding announcements from Quebec City to family and friends letting them know about our marriage, and also to send a picture (many people knew of our plans).  For four months before the wedding I stitched seventy-five lavender sprigs on announcement cards that I ordered, and then brought them to a calligrapher.  Our wedding planner and photographer coordinated to have seventy-five prints of a photo ready the next morning.  I let them decide on the picture they thought was best, and the next morning, I met Isabelle, our coordinator who delivered them.  I had everything ready in the hotel room, and we assembled the announcements to be mailed!  I enjoyed creating the stitched design and sending the photo to our family and friends.  

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