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November 2021

Folk-Tails class- night 1












Today I left for a wool applique workshop with Sue Spargo.  If felt so peaceful to drive out west on the Massachusetts turnpike- there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and the leaves were still on the trees.  They leaves had passed to a muted brownish/tan/yellow that seemed to show how close we are to winter coming- a cozy warm glowish feeling.  It will be interesting to see if the foliage looks a lot different in a week. 

I am so excited for this class, but feeling very overwhelmed.  I feel somewhat prepared, but wish that I had brought my sewing machine.  One of the techniques is to piece your wool pieces together to make a more textured background.  The supplies list was a little bit vague, so I wasn't quite sure what to bring.  Thankfully, the instructor has brought quite a lot of supplies, so I can pick up a few things that I don't have.  What we are going to be working on during this week is a panel from the Folk-Tails book.  My mind is already racing with the idea of making several panels into a larger quilt.  I really love the original Folk-Tails quilt, but I'm realizing that I could branch off and challenge myself into constructing my own design instead of always feeling a little frozen and copying exactly as the original design is.  That was my tendency with the start of this class, but I think that it is going to be emphasized that we use a lot of our own creativity.  I hope that it is an educational and productive week!