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A finished quilt!!!!!

I'm not sure where my quilting mojo had gone, but it seemed to have been gone for quite a long time. (There are other blog posts about this quilt.) I think that Covid had something to to with it.  Every month for about a year prior to Covid, I had attended a quilt night at a quilt shop I really enjoy shopping at.  The night was from 5-11:00, and included dinner.  You could bring whatever project you were working on and get help with it, use the large tables, irons, etc.  I think this simple night once a month kept me really going on some of my projects because I would prepare things to bring with me to the quilting night.  Well, the quilting night was scheduled for March 20th, about a week after everything shut down in Massachusetts.  This was the quilt I had been working on during those Friday nights, and I seemed to just kind of stop working on it or any other quilt for a long time.  I would pick up a project every once in a while, but nothing with any regularity or enthusiasm.  Finally finishing this has really gotten me back on track!  Usually I tend to finish projects seasonally, but with this I'm not worried about that! There are some mistakes in it where I wasn't paying attention to the direction of the fabric, which I am okay with.  I quilted it on my domestic machine, which was the first time on this machine for quilting, and I love how it turned out.  I am also really happy with the binding, and while the quilt is not perfect, I am so, so happy that this quilt is completed!!!!



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