Folk-Tails class- night 1


These sweet little ornaments are by JBW Designs, one of my all time favorite designers.  I apologize, I'm not sure what the name of this design is, but it came with the little ornaments already assembled.  The little pieces of linen were stitched, and then attached to the small ornament.  Here was my process for doing the finishing: 

  1. I used a very hot iron to fold under the edges of the ornament. 
  2. I then used a cream color thread (80 weight so that it would not be visible) and sewed the stitched piece on to the pillow, taking very tiny stitches so that they would be invisible.  
  3. I then attached the buttons to the four corners with two strands of DMC floss. 
  4. Next, I cut four squares of quilt batting the size of the ornament.  The back of the ornament has a slip pocket in the back that I slid the layers of batting into.  This made the ornament have a little bit of thickness.  
  5. On the back side of the ornament, I used a thin weight green thread to sew the edges of the flap together.  

I had these ornaments stitched, but had not actually finished them into the final piece.  I hate to say, but they had been in a semi-finished state for a few years!  I'm happy that they are completely done and can now display them.  



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