A Christmas Design



I am so so pleased to present this project!  I love the way that it turned out.  It is a lined vest.  I have never completed a project like this before.  Here are some of the details:   

  • I constructed this in a size medium.  I would say that the shoulders have a wide design.  I have narrow shoulders, so I think that it worked okay for me, but it is definitely not a style for everyone, and when I was constructing it, I was afraid it looked a little bit like armor! 
  • The pattern is Butterick 5359 in view E.  
  • I lengthened the vest by five inches. 

I was originally going to use a thick faux fur to construct this, for a class I was taking with Master the Art of Sewing.  The class was designed to learn a variety of faux fur techniques.  However, I didn't think that the fabric I selected for the class was really the kind of faux fur to use for the class.  This fabric that the vest is constructed into is more of a wooly fabric, and wouldn't lend itself well to the faux fur techniques class.  I decided to go ahead and make the vest with the fabric.  I did purchase a more traditional, thick faux fur for the class, and I think I am going to use a different pattern that has a more narrow silhouette in the shoulders. (I'll be working on sewing that over the next few weeks.)  

The pattern was pretty straight forward until it came to inserting the lining.  It was so complicated, and the directions were not very clear at all, so I actually found a youtube video that sort of addressed this kind of lining, and with a lot of patience and persistence I finally figured it out.  I really love the lining fabric, and I think that it works really well.  It is a stain material.  Regarding the outside of the vest, the fabric was segmented into three sections with a different thickness of the 'wooliness'.  Why I lengthened it was so that I could use the different textures of wool.  

Thank you so much for reading about this garment sewing project! 



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