Snow Sampler
A quilt story

Christmas Wool Quilt

I feel very out-of- season posting this, and it is really, really on my to do list to some how finish this month!  I have loved this project, but it has been a slow one for some reason to finish.  I do love it, and I am going to be so happy to have it completed.  I think I often become a bit anxious about doing this finishing part, and then become "stuck".  Does anyone else feel that way?  For instance, with this project, I was very sure on doing the embroidery and embellishment parts, but I've never quilted with wool before, so that was a little bit of a hang-up.  I also had some difficulty finding the beads that I needed.  Back in December, I decided I was going to stop procrastinating on this project once and for all!  

It is interesting even how this project started.  I had first purchased the kit to make little ornaments.  Then, I happened to be in Barnes and Noble at the cafe looking through stitching, quilting and sewing magazines while having some tea (one of my favorite things to do!!!).  Much to my surprise, Simply Vintage magazine had the ornaments finished as a quilt!  I was so surprised!  I just loved the way they were displayed as a quilt, so decided on making this project.  The finished quilt is quite small.  I did many of the recommended embellishments for the embroidery, with a few changes.  For instance, I used metallic threads for some of them, and also added a few extra embellishments I thought would look nice.  Once it is quilted and has a binding, I will post more details about this, hopefully soon! 

Merry_little_christmas1 Merry_little_christmas_3


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