Crazy Quilting Day 1

Bunny Needlepoint

20220404_171139 20220404_171158

I'm so happy about this project!  I have continued going to the needlework shop for more classes, and have learned some new stitches and also how to do compensating stitches.  I learned then when doing decorative stitches, there are times where you are not able to complete the full stitch, which requires compensating stitches so that the stitches fit.  I think having a background stitching on linen has been helpful for me to understand stitch diagrams and how to figure out how to complete the compensating stitches.  I also really enjoy using the different fibers to create different textures.  There are many canvases  that I am interested in starting, but I have one completed needlework piece, and then a small Valentine project as well.  I want to finish these first before starting in on another project.  I will also be doing some research on how to complete finishing on these.  My first project, I've ordered a ready made leather wallet to slip it into a pocket.  For this Easter piece, I'd like to make it into an ornament.  Finishing needlepoint is an art in an of itself, so I see how brave I feel!  In the meantime, I'll continue to enjoy these decorative stitches and luxurious fibers!



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