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Crazy Quilting Day 1

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I have been waiting for this class for a long time!  The class was originally scheduled for April of 2020, so it had been rescheduled several times because of the pandemic.  I am really, really excited to begin this process, as crazy quilting is something I've been interested in for a very, very long time.  I remember having a little crazy quilting kit that I finished that came with an American Girl Doll. :) That was quite some time ago!  I took a class in crazy quilting in 2014, and do know some about it.  I have also have been collecting fabrics and bits and bobs for what seems like forever to work on a crazy quilt project, there are just so many projects it is hard sometimes to keep up!  I'm hoping that I can start to create a rotation for working on projects to include this crazy quilt project. 

After the first day, this is my block.  The colors I chose are to match the living room in our home.  It is a formal living room, and the colors are a muted blue, green, yellow and cream colors.  I do have a wall space where I would like to hang the quilt.  For the class, you can construct blocks for any kind of project you wish, such as a wall hanging, or a pillow cover.  I envision a full quilt that is a wall hanging.  I am constructing my blocks to be 10 x 10 to help with making the math easier.  I think I will have a total of nine blocks, but I may make it bigger because in writing this it seems a little bit small!  There is so much work to do with the embellishment that it seems a little overwhelming to think about a lot of different blocks.  In addition to the piecing, I printed some images on Transfer Artist Paper as I was packing my materials for class.  I am so glad that I thought to do this, and am really surprised at my pre-planning. :) (I've taken two retreat classes now, so I think that you learn more about  what to bring as you go.) I really love the Art Nouveau style art work from the 1920s by Alphonse Mucha.  I printed a few of those images to include.  More to come on this project soon!



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