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Needlepoint 101

20220404_171031I finally learned to do needlepoint!  I have two kits that I had purchased.  One, I purchased at a  needlepoint shop several years ago.  It is a sweet Easter egg with a little rabbit embellishment (I'll show it in another blog post.) .  My husband gave me a very generous gift card to a needlepoint last Christmas, that  I hadn't used because the store at limited hours due to Covid restrictions.  I never considered doing needlepoint until I was researching the requirements for the Diploma from the Royal School of Needlework in London.  One of the required classes is canvas work.  I decided to look into trying needlepoint in preparation for my ultimate dream of completing my diploma at the Royal School of Needlework.  

I had perused needlepoint shops because there are several in my area.  I was really awed by the different types of fibers which I have picked up for crazy quilting projects.  This past fall, I used my gift card and purchased a really nice Valentine's project with a bunch of different fibers.  Then, in January, I was able to sign up for a beginners class at a needlepoint shop on Cape Cod.  It was really so much fun.  I knew that I would like it going into the class, and I was not disappointed.  Anything with a needle really is automatically a passion for me. :)  

Here is the project that was created for the class.  It is a tiny piece with an initial.  I decided to use my last name initial for this project.  The idea is to have this finished into a little wallet, change purse, or luggage tag.  The shop had leather items on display that you could use for the finishing.  I choose my two colors based on the wallet I would like that is a yellow color.  The stitch that was used for this project was a tent stitch.  While taking the class, the instructor offered to teach a second level class that was a little more advanced, for learning a few different stitches and also using some different fibers.  I am going to bring my Valentine's project since I have several different fibers and also some beads.  I'm so excited to learn some new stitches!


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