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Flower Pin Cushion

a tiny miniature stitch

I'm so, so, so happy this stitch is finished!  I started this little project a very long time ago, so far back that I don't even remember when.  I think probably more than ten years.  It was a little kit from France titled Alphabets.  I can't even recall where I bought it, which is unusual for me not to remember.  It is extremely tiny, it is 16 threads per centimeter, so I think that it is maybe 60 count.  I tried to figure it out with the conversion, but I'm not sure.  I was just basing it on other projects I have done.  I started stitching it, and it seemed to be okay.  The kit came with only a few strands of a red silk thread, so I was trying so hard not to make a mistake because I had never stitched with silk before, and I didn't want to not have enough thread.  I did end up having trouble stitching this small one over one.  It is very challenging on the high count linen!  I did end up restarting it several times, and running out of the thread.  Someone I used to know gave me a skein of Gloriana Threads Tudor Silk in a color Schoolhouse Red.  It was a a really nice match, and I think it may have even been the same color that came in the kit.  I did okay on this until I had to stitch the second bird, then a mistake happened, and I just couldn't seem to stitch it correctly.   I also had the letter 'a' to do, and a little bit of the border on one end.  I'm not sure what made me pick it up a few nights ago, but I just decided to be finished.  It feels so good that it is done, and I'm going to make it into a mini pin cushion.  More soon!



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