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Remember Me

20220526_165046Oh my, how I love this pattern.  It is so beautiful- I saw it finished in a shop many, many years ago, and it was the first Reward of Merit Pincushion I became aware of that was designed by Blackbird Designs.  I loved the colorway and also the simple sentiment.  Even though I bought it quite a long time ago, it seemed to take a while for me to pull it out and stitch it.  One of my favorite people, my Auntie Janice passed away in 2019, and that is when I started to stitch it in memory of her.  I am starting to think that maybe I will stitch another item with her initials on it, as this one does not have a place for initials.  After finishing it, it sat in my finishing box for quite a while until this week.  The fabric I used for finishing I think matches really well, and adds a little bit of extra color.  I added a rusty pin with a few little bits.  

Flower Pin Cushion

This was a freebie at a needlework event several years ago. The title is Pretty Little Maids by Summer House Stitche Workes. I really like the colors of it, so I thought I would stitch it up.  The fabric came with the kit, and was directed to be used for background fabric, but, I thought that it was way to pretty to hide on the back, so I pieced around the stitching.  The yellow velvet band was also included, as well as the buttons.  I used some of the left over teal color to attach the buttons.  I just love the way that it turned out.  The only difficulty I had was that the velvet started to completely unravel as I was finishing stitching it on.  I was afraid to reposition it in case it started to unravel more.  It is only on one side.  Maybe at another time, I'll try to reposition it if I'm feeling brave!


a tiny miniature stitch

I'm so, so, so happy this stitch is finished!  I started this little project a very long time ago, so far back that I don't even remember when.  I think probably more than ten years.  It was a little kit from France titled Alphabets.  I can't even recall where I bought it, which is unusual for me not to remember.  It is extremely tiny, it is 16 threads per centimeter, so I think that it is maybe 60 count.  I tried to figure it out with the conversion, but I'm not sure.  I was just basing it on other projects I have done.  I started stitching it, and it seemed to be okay.  The kit came with only a few strands of a red silk thread, so I was trying so hard not to make a mistake because I had never stitched with silk before, and I didn't want to not have enough thread.  I did end up having trouble stitching this small one over one.  It is very challenging on the high count linen!  I did end up restarting it several times, and running out of the thread.  Someone I used to know gave me a skein of Gloriana Threads Tudor Silk in a color Schoolhouse Red.  It was a a really nice match, and I think it may have even been the same color that came in the kit.  I did okay on this until I had to stitch the second bird, then a mistake happened, and I just couldn't seem to stitch it correctly.   I also had the letter 'a' to do, and a little bit of the border on one end.  I'm not sure what made me pick it up a few nights ago, but I just decided to be finished.  It feels so good that it is done, and I'm going to make it into a mini pin cushion.  More soon!


Longline Jacket

20220512_192715      20220512_193233

I have made one other jacket last fall that I received so many compliments on, that I had decided to attempt a spring jacket.  At the sewing studio I used to attend there would be fabric that people would be trying to give a way from their stash.  It would be free for others to take.  I took this really pretty pinkish purple jacket that I thought was a really great color for my complexion.  I found this pattern online from a UK based pattern company called Sew Different.  The coat pattern had a wide size range, so I thought that it would be a good starting point.  I decided to use contrasting fabric for the side pockets.  I'm not sure yet if this was a good risk or not.  It may draw the eye right to my hips, but we'll see!  I had this fabric from my own stash that was leftover backing of a quilt that I made for a dear friend.  I couldn't believe how great the match was!  I'm a little worried that the coat is too long, but I am going to see how much of it I can finish on my own.  I am excited to wear this jacket soon- the weather in New England is warming up, so I have to get on it.