Crazy Quilting Day 1
a tiny miniature stitch

Longline Jacket

20220512_192715      20220512_193233

I have made one other jacket last fall that I received so many compliments on, that I had decided to attempt a spring jacket.  At the sewing studio I used to attend there would be fabric that people would be trying to give a way from their stash.  It would be free for others to take.  I took this really pretty pinkish purple jacket that I thought was a really great color for my complexion.  I found this pattern online from a UK based pattern company called Sew Different.  The coat pattern had a wide size range, so I thought that it would be a good starting point.  I decided to use contrasting fabric for the side pockets.  I'm not sure yet if this was a good risk or not.  It may draw the eye right to my hips, but we'll see!  I had this fabric from my own stash that was leftover backing of a quilt that I made for a dear friend.  I couldn't believe how great the match was!  I'm a little worried that the coat is too long, but I am going to see how much of it I can finish on my own.  I am excited to wear this jacket soon- the weather in New England is warming up, so I have to get on it. 



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