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July 2022

July Pin Cushion

20220721_172458I didn't come up with this idea, but I recreated it.  I have another pin cushion I believe was a kit from Just Another Button Company.  It was so simple- you glued the felt ball to the top of the spool and tied a ribbon around it.  I decided to recreate that other design with my own using some patriotic pins.  I'm happy with the way it turned out, and think I am going to make some more with some other themes because I like displaying these special pins so much.  (pins are from Just Another Button Company) 

A flag in progress

This project is so gorgeous.  It is from Badger Brook Farms.  I am just in love with it!!!!  It is vintage everything- lace, buttons, ticking fabric.  I love how it turned out.  I bought a hanger for it that is rusted with stars on it, and of course I can't find it!  I hope that by writing about the project here will be a call out to the universe to help me find it. LOL  When it's fully finished I'll post again. :) 

Strawberry Sampler

Another sampler by Lizzie Kate!  I didn't realize until I started writing up my blog posts all of the summer items I had by Lizzie Kate.  I hope that this isn't too boring, but I do really enjoy these types of projects and I hope that it inspires others to maybe start cross-stitching.  I keep my blog to document my projects on my own little teeny tiny part of the ginormous internet, and I enjoy it so much.  Anyways, back to the project!  Several years ago I belonged to a guild that would provide a display during the summer months at the library where the meetings were held.  The theme was strawberries, and someone who was very dear to me in the guild came up with the theme because she loved strawberries.  For this finish, I laced the finished piece as well as the background on to mat board.  Then I adhered the piece to the wooden plague.  I poked a nail into it to hang the strawberry pin cushion, which had been a gift from my friend.  The fabric for the background was in my stash, and loved how it matched the threads. 

Liberty Sampler

Another Lizzie Kate finish!  As you can maybe see, I have an affinity for Lizzie Kate designs. :)  When I first started to stitch on linen, as I mentioned in another post Lizzie Kate designs were recommended to me as a entry design to begin on linen because they were said to not be too complicated.  I would definitely agree.  Also, I really like the aspect that the designs are seasonal and also several are in series.  So part of the fun is to collect all the charts and then work on each one little by little.  I love the idea of changing them around with the change of the seasons.  As a true New Englander, I thrive on the change of the seasons, and love to incorporate rotating my decor during the times of the seasons changing.  For this series of designs, I do have them all kitted, but take them out periodically with the seasons, so I don't finish them too quickly.  I really enjoy working through all the motifs one by one.  For the full finishing, I did something a little bit different where I laced it to a mat with some fusible fleece to make it puff out a little bit.  I also laced and used a pieced of fusible fleece on a piece of fabric for the background.  I couldn't resist using this fabric, and I wanted to be able to see it.  I then attached the two pieces together with little tacking stitches.  The frame is just from a big box craft store (I can't remember which one.).  

Beach Bag

20220721_165353This is a beach bag by JBW Designs.  I loved this when I saw this long, long ago.  I believe that I stitched it around 12 or so years ago.  There was a local cross-stitch stop near me and they were selling the pattern as well as the finished bag.  The piece was cross-stitched directly on the bag, which wasn't too easy to do since I was new to stitching on linen.  I am really pleased with how it turned out, but admittedly, I don't want anything to happen to the bag or stitching, so I never use it as a bag! (LOL)  I like to decorate our kitchen area for the holidays, such as Easter and the fourth of July.  I use it as part of the fourth of July decor.  It is so cheery hanging up on the closet door.  :) 20220721_165358


I finished this Lizzie Kate piece a long, long time ago, like the others I have posted about.  I actually think this series was one of the first that I ever stitched on linen.  I had started with the March piece, but for some reason stopped at August (I've completed January through August.).  I don't have enough linen for the rest, so am going to have to place an order!