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Liberty Sampler

Another Lizzie Kate finish!  As you can maybe see, I have an affinity for Lizzie Kate designs. :)  When I first started to stitch on linen, as I mentioned in another post Lizzie Kate designs were recommended to me as a entry design to begin on linen because they were said to not be too complicated.  I would definitely agree.  Also, I really like the aspect that the designs are seasonal and also several are in series.  So part of the fun is to collect all the charts and then work on each one little by little.  I love the idea of changing them around with the change of the seasons.  As a true New Englander, I thrive on the change of the seasons, and love to incorporate rotating my decor during the times of the seasons changing.  For this series of designs, I do have them all kitted, but take them out periodically with the seasons, so I don't finish them too quickly.  I really enjoy working through all the motifs one by one.  For the full finishing, I did something a little bit different where I laced it to a mat with some fusible fleece to make it puff out a little bit.  I also laced and used a pieced of fusible fleece on a piece of fabric for the background.  I couldn't resist using this fabric, and I wanted to be able to see it.  I then attached the two pieces together with little tacking stitches.  The frame is just from a big box craft store (I can't remember which one.).  


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