Peaceful Prairie
Purple Rain quilt

Counting on Ewe

Wool_sheepThis is a wool applique pattern by The Woolen Needle, called Counting on Ewe.  I saw this as a model in the store, and just new that I wanted to stitch it.  I have a very narrow wall next to a closet, and it was the perfect spot for it.  Sometimes with wool applique projects, I have not wanted to do them even though I liked the design because the kit will come with primitive colors that have darker colored backgrounds, that also seem autumnal to me.  For example, the stitched model of this had a black background with a dark brown plaid, and the accents being hunter green, burnt orange, and brick red.  While the looks really pretty and has a certain aesthetic, it doesn't match the color in my decor.  I tend to want to always follow what the designer created, and then end up kind of 'stuck'.  For this, I decided to think outside the box, and challenge myself to pick my own colors.  Because my kitchen is purple and green, those were the colors I decided to use.  I am so pleased with the way the colors look, because I think it still think it has a primitive quality to it.  I also decided to use a back lining, even though it wasn't required in the pattern.  I think having a backing just creates a really nice finish.  


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