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October 2022

Lizzie Kate Halloween

20221012_170953I just loved these kits that used to be available from Lizzie Kate. They are so much fun to work on.  This particular kit came with the linien and the trim as well as the thread.  I added a ribbon, and then used a halloween print for the backing fabric.  I'm not sure why I wanted to, but I stuffed this small with walnut shells only.  I'm pleased that is what I decided to do.  It is a long thin rectangular shape, and I think by using the walnut shells it bulked it up more, and made it kind of slouchy.  I didn't fill it entirely, and I do think that if I made a small in this shape again, I would try to see if I could add more walnut shells.  



20221012_170733This was a limited edition kit by Lizzie Kate.  This was really enjoyable to work on.  I really like the bright colors.  It can with the trim, linen, and backing fabric.  The thread was included also.  I love the embellishment for the eyes on the owl.  I find with these types of trims that they can be really, really challenging to iron because if they are made from a synthetic fiber, it can melt.  I did find that was an issue on this trim.  To attach it, I used an orange thread to very carefully and slowly stitch it on.  I stitched in the center of the rick rack so that it looks like it is actually part of the trim.  When completing the finishing, I find that for me I have to do everything very, very slowly, and then I am happy with the results.  

Little Pumpkins

Mini-pumpkinsThis was a design that I was just playing around with.  I think that it is so sweet.  I wish I knew more about making patterns, because I think it would be really fun to do.  I had a sample of a silk fabric that I used for the finishing.  I had collected some fabric samples because I was thinking of making some curtains for my living room- I still haven't gotten around to the curtains!  I but up the little piece of sample fabric, and made a really small log cabin around the stitched piece.  The pillow is only a few inches long.  I love this finish, because I really love to use really interesting fabrics, I look for them where ever I can.  

a spooky pillow

20221012_170718I wish I knew where this one came from. I feel terribly when I am not able to credit the designer.  I think it was actually a freebie that came with an order from a cross-stitch shop.  I had found the fabric at a local quilt shop, and I'm not sure where that is from either!  I did some top-stitching on the black ribbons to add a little bit of different look to the finish.  Also, I used a green color, because I wanted a little pop of color and be able to see it.  I'm not that into Halloween, but my husband Dan, just loves it, so I do try to incorporate some Halloween stitching in.  

Fright Night

20221012_170841This Fright Night by Shepherd's Bush.  It was a kit that came with the green fabric.  I just love it, and I love how teeny tiny it is- so cute!  The finish that is shown on the pattern is in a nice wooden box.  I don't know if the box is even available for that anymore, but I finished it into a little pillow.  I noticed that many of the Shepherd's Bush patterns have a ribbon along the edges along with some beads.  That is how I decided to finish this one.  I used a halloween print for the back that I had in my stash.  

An autumn heart

HeartI almost didn't want to post this!  I had made this probably fifteen or so years ago.  It was when I really began to see finished ornaments and finished projects that were not in a frame.  I wanted to make something up myself.  I love this fabric, it really reminds of a different time of my life.  I found the floral motifs in a cross-stitch book, and stitched them in a pattern on a scrap piece of linen.  I'm not sure that I constructed it correctly, and probably would approach it differently now, but I appreciate the effort my old self made. :) 

Summer Apples ABCs

I seem to say in every post "this is from a long time ago". :)  Anyways, I finished stitching this a while ago, but hadn't for some reason gotten around to fully finishing this.  I am not entirely sure if the title is Summer Apples ABCs.  It was by a company called The Purple Thread, but I don't think that they make kits or designs any longer.  I had some of the leftover fabric, which was what the pattern showed for make a little yo-yo.  The backing fabric is the same that is in the yo-yo.  I really love the finish on this project, and I think that I am going to use this finish in another project.