Lizzie Kate Halloween
A Suffrage Sampler for Election Day

Small Crow

I wasn't even sure what to call this design!  It is so cute and sweet.  I believe that this one was another freebie- I think I added in the moon button.  I hope that I am not making a mistake about this- I don't think it was part of a kit.  The fabric and the trim were from my stash.  I'm not entirely sure how to attach a trim in this way.  I didn't want to catch it in the seam, because I wanted to see it in its entirety.  I used an 80 weight thread that I typically use for applique that matched the trim so that when I attached it, I you can't at all see the thread.  I'm hoping to be able to show some other kinds of finishes- everything I seem to be positing is cross-stitch lately. :) 


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