2023 Take a Stitch Tuesday- Week 1
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Welcome 2023! My Stitching Plans

Quilting_cartI wasn't able to post to my blog in December. :(  I had drafted four posts, but wasn't able to take the photos, and the month just ran right on by.  I'll have them for next December :).  One situation that holds me up from posting is finishing.  The 'fear of finishing' is real!  I stitch something and am really proud of it, and pleased of how it came out, but then I am feeling anxious about some how 'ruining' the piece with finishing.  This has actually never happened, so I'm not sure what I am so afraid of.  I have been sewing for a long time, so it isn't about that, but it is something that I would like to work on during this year.  

This brings me to my plans for 2023!  I do often make some plans  for what I refer to as my 'creative time', but I often keep them personal, but I did decide to share them on my blog.  Here are some of my thoughts of how I'd like my creative time to look for 2023: 

1) Complete the Take A Stitch Tuesday (TAST) challenge that is from Pintangle.  I've been wanting to work on my crazy quilt, but feel that I don't really know what direction to take on the project.  I think these weekly prompts and stitch suggestions will be a big help for me with gradually working away at my crazy quilt.  I attended a class in April for crazy quilting that had been cancelled a few times over the course of two years because of Covid-19.  The class was wonderful, and gave me a good foundation, so I want to continue on it.  I feel also that I have many of the supplies ready for the crazy quilt, with the exception of beads and some textured threads. 

2) Pretty Little Pots by Wendy Williams kit: Oh wow- I've had this since 2019.  I haven't really done much with this project at all.  I nearly have all of the supplies, but I don't have all of the wool that I need.  I purchased all of the materials expect for the wool.  I have some wool, but I don't really have a stash so to speak to pull from.  These pieces are very small that are needed for the project.  I may see if the shop where I tend to buy wool happens to have a grab bag with little pieces.  That may be my best choice for trying to obtain the colors that I need.  This project is what I started as my first wool project, and I was taught how to wool applique by the most loveliest of people.  She passed away in 2022, so I really want to finish this project, and while I do so think of her.  

3) Quilting:  I am so happy that a shop I used to frequent as started their Friday night quilt social again.  I used to attend every month, and I enjoyed it so so much.  I just checked their website, and the class has started again, so I'm so pleased about this because I find that by going to a designated quilting time every month really helps me to move forward with working on projects.  These past several months I haven't done much quilting at all, and I have noticed how very much I do miss it.  I can't wait to go to the quilting social, and will be working on some different projects.  I have a little mini quilt that I've had as a kit to work on for my entry way for a long time that I'd like to work on.  I also was making a coin quilt with a jelly roll I loved.  Lastly, I have a block of the month from 2018, called Floral Menagerie that I have not finished.  All good things to do!  In addition to this, I have several quilt tops that need to be finished as well.  

4) Cross-stitch for this year will basically consist with finishing projects that I have started.  There are too many to even mention here. :)  I have these kitted by season and ready to go, they just need more consistent time.  Also, so much finishing to do!

5) Garment sewing is the last area that I would like to work on.  This past year I finished a few garments, and what has helped is going to a sewing class every Saturday.  I've not been able to attend since the fall, so haven't worked on anything.  I am excited to go back to that this week.  

6) I also took up needlepoint in 2022, which is bringing me so much joy.  It became a little bit of a distraction from other projects because I was so excited to work on some projects. I also signed up and took a big project class, so I am excited to work on that when I can.  I will have to think about where to make time in the rotation for needlepoint.  

All of this feels like a really good plan.  I am looking forward to hopefully displaying some of these projects throughout the year on the blog. 


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