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June 2023

Back to sewing

I will start off completely honestly- I haven't really stitched or sewn at all during these past few months.  Other important commitments and also some family health challenges have seemed to kept me away from this time, when probably I needed it most.  I realize that I often drop stitching and sewing and all of my creative outlets when other things are very stressful.  I want to work on being able to pick up the most soothing of things, such as stitching and sewing when I am feeling so stressed.  For some reason, I almost push it away, even though it will be so so helpful to me.  I miss it desperately and often think about projects I'd like to pick up again.  Today it is rainy and actually quite cold so I did spend some time stitching a cross-stitch project and also worked on a quilt.  I think my sewing machine must have missed me! LOL. I haven't quilted much at all since January.  I also find that I am having some issues with my glasses which has also been a hold up.  I have a very, very mild eye glasses prescription.  Even the lowest pharmacy glasses are too strong for me.  While a while ago, probably around Decembr my prescription changed, not in terms of strength but I needed them more for near than far, so they are quite different and are making it very hard to get accustomed to.  I am hoping that I can adjust to them, or when I go in July I may even bring a stitching piece of 40 count linen and explain to the ophthalmologist what I am trying to do.  I am so happy to be back to my dear blog with an update- I think that this will ignite my passions to work on projects with more consistency again. Thank you for reading!!