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Fashion School Diaries

Fashion_school _ april_post
I am in school for fashion design.  It is scary to write, and I am not entirely sure what to say about this.  I've kept it quite private.  I have been a speech-language pathologist for over twenty years.  To be honest, it has never felt right.  I can only describe it has always wearing a sock that is on the wrong way.  Where the heel is at the top of your foot, and it feels too short on the bottom of your foot.  You can walk around, and when you don't think about it you kind of forget that it is on the wrong way.  You can ignore the feeling.  It isn't the most comfortable, but you can handle it.  I've always felt so anxious at my job with the socialization, the unpredictable clients and co-workers, and the work drama that is innate in a hospital or school setting.  It feels like a tightness that is there all day and never really goes away. 
I have always enjoyed needle and thread, and been fascinated by fashion.  When I was in high school it was a dark secret I held that I wanted to be a fashion designer.  I didn't feel very fashionable, and also I convinced myself that you needed to be good at drawing and art to go into fashion design.  I was told by someone that 'you don't have the patience to sew', and even though I deeply wanted to, this comment haunted me for decades. 
The years went by and I've tried to 'fit' myself into my SLP career in a variety of ways.  I've worked in every setting available with a variety of age groups.  I've gone back to school twice for two related masters degrees to help manage my time as a speech-language pathologist.  I also worked several jobs full-time from 2006-2013 when I was also in graduate school.  I finished one graduate degree and then the following semester started a third one at a different university. 
In addition to all of the schooling, I have tried working two careers simultaneously: 24 hours per week as a speech-language pathologist and 24 hours a week as a librarian.  I maintained this for around seven years.  Eventually, I was just tired from maintaining this schedule.  My brain was split in two different directions and found it so challenging to do my best at both of the professions when I was trying to focus on both.  I left my librarian position when I was asked to come on full-time at my speech-language pathology job.  It has been eight years since that time where I have been working full-time as a speech-language pathologist.  The past four years or so I've started to expand my sewing skills and also began taking classes at the Boston School of Fashion Design.  This has been so exciting and fun.  Additionally, I began returning to school online to pursue a bachelor's degree in Fashion Merchandising and Design.  I would like to begin posting more regularly about this process and sharing my transition into this new field.  It has been scary and exciting at the same time! I think I may update about the process here as a way to remember this time.  

Stitching Cart

Stitching_cartDoes any one else have a stitching cart?  I decided to create a stitching cart a few years ago to leave my projects on, as well as to organize them.  I think that the design of this cart is so so pretty.  I bought it at Pier One Imports, which I am so sad no longer is a store.  They had the most beautiful furniture items.  The cart is metal and I love to change out all of my seasonal needle minders on it.  I will also change out my pins in my mini Shaker carrier.  I love this little carrier- I belong to the Boston Area Shaker Study Group, and purchased this when visiting one of the Shaker museums in New England.  I will also put out some different embroidery scissors that are part of my small collection.  This is certainly 'extra', but just something fun that I like to do every few months or so.  I used to stitch projects seasonally, but I decided to make a change this year.  I will post about that more in another post.
The top of my cart is all of my notions, and the little fun things that I have.  On the middle rack I have all of my current works in projects in project bags.  The bottom shelf is some other projects I have stored in a plastic pin and also my hoops.  I have a plastic folder that I store all of my patterns in that I keep there as well. I think that it helps me to stitch more when everything is organized. 

Wild Lillies

I think I have mentioned in previous posts that I had kitted all of the Blackbird Designs Reward of Merit Pincushions I believe going on ten years ago now.  I love this series, and think that I have all of them.  My kits includes the linen piece and the threads, as well as finishing fabric that I found and even some trims.  I take so much enjoyment out of picking out which one I am going to start stitching after I have finished one.  I sometimes pick different people who are important to me for the initials.  Sometimes I have picked my own initials.  For this one, I am picking a "J" for my Auntie Janice.  She sadly passed in 2019.  She was the most regal, kind person.  Her birthday was in May, and I know that she liked lilies (It is also the birthday flower for May.), so I decided to stitch the "J" on this in her honor.  The colors on this are so beautiful.  I will certainly post progress pictures on this one.

Stitching Projects


I am not entirely sure what caused me to change how I approach my stitching.  I will admit the last few months or so, or even longer my stitching has drastically decreased.  I have been busy with school things, and also I have been having some difficulties with my eyes.  Nothing terribly serious, but I have been seeing an ophthalmologist regularly, and now need to wear glasses/magnification to stitch.  This has been a process for me to get used to, and now that I have, I am happy to be stitching again on a daily basis!  I then thought that I would like to work more on finishing some items that I have started instead of putting them away for the season next year.  I then decided to collect the majority of the projects that I have been wanting to start and have started and organize them into my cart.  I am really excited also by this system.  When I finish one of the projects I am going to pick out a new project that I have which is kitted, or even look through one of my pattern notebooks and kit up a new one.  So excited to continue this for 2024!

All Creatures Great and Small

This project is a little bit naughty!  I have quite a few projects already going, but my dear friend mentioned that she was working on this project.  I went to visit her the week between Christmas and New Year's and she was sharing with me the cross-stitch and quilting projects that she was working on.  She showed me "All Creatures Great and Small" by Barbara Ana Designs.  I just fell in love with it, especially when she said that she was working on it during her time watching the show on PBS.  I loved that idea.  My husband and I have been watching the TV show since it was first introduced on Masterpiece Theatre, and I read the book long ago.  As I drove home from visiting her, I was thinking how fun it would be to do the same.  The thought of stitching "All Creatures Great and Small" while watching the show seemed so cozy to me.  Almost immediately after I got home I ordered the pattern and linen.  I went to a local craft store chain to purchase the DMC floss.  Buying the threads at the store and also winding all of them on thread cards was fun.  I also purchased a new storage bag and needle minder and thread holder since it is such a big project.  I thought it would be fun to have some new accessories for it because I do think that this project will take along time.  I really love the project bag.  It was advertised as being a needlepoint project bag, but it fit the thread cards perfectly for cross-stitch and was only $15.99.  It is such nice quality, and I put some little pins on it.  I think I will probably work on this project even when not watching the show, as I am quite excited about it.