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Bee Kind

Bee_kindThis is such a pretty kit, and I love the colors in it. I had thought of perhaps making a bee-themed display with stitching pieces, and was also thinking of using this wool applique. It reminds me of summer so much, so I think that it will be nice to work on during the month of July. I think that I will put a hangar on it also. Many of the wool kits I have are for wool mats, but I have two cats who would be very attracted to laying on them, so I think that I will make some of these mats into wall hangings. I will post progress pictures as I work on it. I feel a little out of practice with wool applique, but I am looking so forward to it!

Little Peep by Wooden Spool Designs

Little_peepI haven't worked with wool in quite some time. I do very much enjoy wool applique, and over the years as I have purchased wool threads I do have a bit of a collection. The threads I have are just enough that I can usually find something that matches for a project. This particular kit by Wooden Spool Designs. This project came with some embroidery floss, but I do think that I am going to use some wool threads that I have to finish this. I admittedly bought this probably about eight years ago when taking a trip to the Dorr Mill Store. The store is an amazing wool shop in Guild, New Hampshire. It was the first wool kit I had ever purchased, and I am not sure why I put it away. It is quite a few pieces, so I think it may be a nice project to focus on until I am able to finish it. I have completed many wool projects since purchasing this, and I feel much more experienced with being able to complete this project.

Autumn Quilt Kit

My recent blog posts ended up being a bit of a series of the different quilt kits that I have.  I don't have too many, but I do also have a few 'blocks of the month' that are in the sidelines that I suppose I should address!  I am not sure where I found this.  I think that I may have seen it on Instagram.  It is just so pretty.  The pattern is called "Color Patch Cascade Quilt" by Fancy That Design House.  It uses a panel, which I don't think that I have ever quilted with a panel before, and a layer cake, which is also new for me.  It is actually quite small (44" x 56"), so it will probably finish fairly quickly, but it looks like a lot of very careful placement of the colors in order to achieve the cascade effect. I purchased a quilt kit from Etsy for this, and realized that I do not have a backing fabric, so I will need to see about some background fabric.  I think that this may be a project for Labor Day weekend perhaps as a way to celebrate the end of summer and beginnings of fall. These quilt kits and projects just seem more manageable right now as I have posted about them, pulled them out, and organized them on my quilting cart.  I think that I have a general plan for how I am going to work on them over the next few months.

Cheddar Quilt

Another quilt kit is in my stash, which is no surprise!  I decided to nickname it "Cheddar Quilt". I bought this at a local quilt shop about a year and a half ago.  I kept seeing it hung up in the quilt shop, and it just became that I couldn't resist because I thought that the colors were so interesting. I decided to nickname it "Cheddar Quilt".  It is a pattern from Villa Rosa Designs, whose patterns I've used before.  There are maybe some special rulers that are needed for this quilt- I am not great at doing triangles, so I'll be a bit hesitant to start this one.  I think it will be a pretty quilt for early fall.  Unfortunately, I am not sure of the fabric that was in the kit.  If I can finish about one of these quilt tops a month, it would be really great to work on this in August.  I also want to make sure to post some progress as well to show you how it is going!

Journal Panel Quilt

I just adored this quilt pattern when I saw it.  I admit, it was very much an impulse by.  I loved the title- I have journaled for a very long time and loved that there was a quilt themed around journals.  I have journals going back all the way to second grade!  I thought that the colors were so pretty.  The fabric and pattern are by Riley Blake Designs.  The quilt has these pretty pockets as part of the quilt.  The quilt kit didn't come with the fabric panel that is used for making the pockets, so I so I decided to purchase the panel to make the pockets.  I also need to find some background fabric and also a binding fabric.  I don't think that this will be a complicated quilt to make and I thought that it would be interested to try the pocket component.  After I finish the Coin Quilt and also the Garden Delights quilt, this one will be next- it will be the perfect summer quilt project!

Quilt Cart

Quilt_cartA short post to check in! I have two carts, both a stitching cart and a quilting cart and I thought that I would share that here. I’m sure ther stitchers have similar ways of organizing their supplies.  I have put quite a few projects on it that I am hoping to get to soon, and also all of the tools that I may need.  It is a way I keep myself organized- I slide it under my cutting table in my sewing room so that it is tucked away.  It wasn't expensive at Michael's.  Now on to the projects!

Garden Fresh Quilt

This fabric is just so gorgeous!  As part of my attempt to move myself away from simply sewing charm squares together, I decided to take a quilting class.  There was a quilt shop in Mystic, Connecticut that I just adored.  It closed shortly after Covid, sadly.  The owners just had the most divine taste in fabric, and it was a small cozy shop in Mystic Village.  I found this shop on the day my husband and I became engaged.  We had been walking around Mystic Village and had found this shop.  I miss this shop! 
Back in around 2017 I decided to take a course there in the evening, I believe it was in June, because I remember it being almost summer time. The class was for a simple quilt in terms of construction using a jelly roll and squares of white fabric.  I thought that it would be a good challenge for me at the time.  The quilt is called "Strippy Weave" from the book Garden Fresh Quilts by Gray Sky Studio.  I took this quilt out, and am excited to work on it.  I hope that it can be a quick finish!  I am a little concerned because there was modifications made to the pattern where the class only include one jelly roll, and it was to make a smaller version of this quilt, so I have to figure all of that out.  Also, I don't have any binding or background fabric.  I am hoping that with some luck that I’ll be able to find some leftover fabric from this collection.

Coin Quilt


This has been a project in my stash for a long time- I hope that I don't start all my blog posts with these words, but I may fear the next few!  I fell in love with this fabric back in I think 2015.  It is called Mon Ami by Basic Grey, a designer with Moda fabrics.  I was kind of new to thinking of quilts myself.  What I mean by that is I had been quilting for a such a long time, but was limited to two things that I did: buying kits and doing the exact fabric that was selected with no changes, or simply buying charm packs and sewing them into small quilts.  It was just how I quilted for a long time, nearly two decades!  I bought bunch of this fabric to make a quilt pattern that I had seen.  I'm not sure what I had in mind, but I just wasn't sure about anything now that I look back on it.  I bought quite a bit of yardage of one of the prints, and then some yardage of a fw other prints.  I also purchased one jelly roll.  The quantities of everything were kind of random, and I didn’t really have enough for anything.
When I started to try to make the pattern I had in mind, I realized how directional the fabric was, and it was going to be a big problem with the design that I had picked out!  The fabric kind of then just stayed in my stash for a long time.  I'm not sure when I picked it up again, but I think I was searching for a video about using jelly rolls, when I came across a video by Mary Fons about coin quilts.  It seemed like the perfect solution for this quilt.  I then over time started to assemble it together, until I figured out the number of blocks I needed, and rows, and everything based on how much backing fabric that I have.  I am very pleased with how it is coming out, and I am very happy that it is going to be finished I think relatively soon. I will eventually print it out as a pattern when it is finished f I can figure out how to.🙂