shopping spree

StashHow many times have we innocently visited our favorite needlework shop, to buy "just one thing"? A skein of floss/thread, a piece of linen, etc?  It started off that simply for me today.  I had run out of a certain color that came as part of a kit that I had purchased.  I had actually made a mistake and had run out of the alloted floss amount.  I also had a small pattern that I ordered over a month ago that I hadn't picked up yet.  The shop is new to me, and today was only my second time visiting it. The shop that was closest to me had closed due to the owner retiring.  I found another shop that is about an hour away from me, so it is not easy for me to visit often.  It is a wonderful store, with a very nice owner who does beautiful finishing and framing, called Creative Picture Framing and Creative Stitching.  When I entered the store, my eyes immediately went to a basket of patterns that was 75% off!  Also, there was a rack and another basket that was 50% discounted!  I couldn't believe my luck, so what was supposed to be a quick trip, ended up being a 2 hour shopping spree.  Best of all, I can't wait to see what new products are going to be at the shop after the sale. Kitty_approval(Delilah approves- sorry couldn't resist- it is so hard to take photographs without her in them!!)  

A wonderful day

I had the most wonderful day this past weekend.  One of my favorite online shops, Scandinavian Stitches had a home show on Saturday.  The owner, Lynda opens up her home twice per year for a show where stitchers can see the items that she sells in person.  This was my first time attending, and I am sure that I will be back again!

  I first found out about her shop at the Celebration of Needlework Show in Nashua, New Hampshire this past year.  I loved the designers she carried, particularly her own line of designs.  Christiane Dahlbeck, a German designer, became a fast favorite.  She creates very whimsical, simple designs that are often finished as three-dimensional objects, which I love the versatility of. 

Although it was a bit over a two and a half hour drive to her home in Greenwich, Connecticut, it was well, well worth it!  I left in the morning, with a tea to go, and my favorite CD’s playing in the car.  It was an easy drive down, and on the way back home I could daydream about all the projects I was going to start.  Lynda had a lovely spread of snacks and treats, and it was so relaxing to browse through her rooms at the stock she had displayed. I was able to add several items to my stash, and learn a bit about Scandinavian embroidery as well as designers.  She also carries a wide variety of linen banding in different colors and sizes, which I have some ideas for, and Danish and German Flower Thread that I am excited to try!

Here is a photo of the new items I acquired on my shopping trip!  Of course, being a librarian, I couldn’t pass up purchasing a few pattern books.  I also bought a few of the three-dimensional objects I mentioned that are easy for finishing and which I have seen in Christiane Dahlbeck’s books, such as a watering can decoration, a needlebook, and two little bags.  As I have these stitched up, I will be sure to post about them!  


Some Lovely Kits

I purchased these kits from The French Needle, one of my favorites to purchase supplies.    They are a little bit out of my comfort range, but I am excited to give it a try. The sheep kit involves wrapping thread around a wire to create the wool, and the two flower kits are ribbon embroidery, a first for me.  I am working my way through my Daisy ABC's project, and will post a picture when I am finished with the first row of letters.  


Getting Started.....

Hi Everyone!  

Thank you so much for stopping by for my first blog post!  I am excited to be blogging here.  I have some finishes to show, but have not taken photos of them yet, and will soon so that I can try to post them here.  Here is a picture of some items I bought at the Celebration of Needlework fair I attended this year in Nashua.  I was wonderfully overwhelmed by all the vendors and classes. I took an incredible workshop, and will post about that as well.  I have lots of ideas of posts to share with everyone.  I hope to make my way through some of these projects I purchased very soon.  That's all for now! P5040003